How I spent my summer vacation, 1 Second Everyday

Without a doubt, the single greatest tool I took away from Steve Dembo’s 2013 MACUL Conference closing keynote was the 1 Second Everyday app for both iOS and Android devices. The app basically provides you a calendar where you select one second snippets of video shot on specific days. The interface lets you then compile all of the snippets into one video.

Here is my modern answer to the “What I did on my Summer Vacation” writing prompt. The 1 Second Everyday app allowed me to capture  and create a fabulous compilation of memories. It is amazing how just one second can allow you to relive so many other associated memories.

Dean Shareski challenged us at the Discovery Educator Network Summer Institute to “be mindful” and this app really allowed me to focus on making each day special and to record and share the most special moments.

So…here is my summer. Thanks to all who shared a little of their summers with us.


Virtual MACUL: Lightning Talks

This year MACUL and especially board member Ron Houtman came up with a whole new type of presentation format…the lightning talk. Each speaker submits 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds whether the presenter is ready or not.

Here is this year’s set of talks featuring a handful of really great teachers from around Michigan. I say that very humbly because after Gary Abud’s delivery from the leadoff spot, you will see the bar had been set quite high for me to follow next.


riding the lightning at MACUL

The thing I think I liked most about this format is that the audience gets to hear a wide variety of presentators that are forced to stay on point. There is also a very intriguing human, live drama, potential-train-wreck-coming feel to it that makes the adrenaline flow…both while on stage and off.

This year’s lineup:

Gary Abud – @mr_abud
Andy Losik (me) – @mrlosik
Steve Kelly – @BigKXcountry
Brad Wilson – @dreambition
Andrew Van Heuvel -@avheuv
Ben Rimes – @techsavvyed
David Theune – @DavidTheune