#CUERockStar Black Label Day 2: Hook, Line, and Sinker

Here is an avalanche of links to activities and resources all designed to draw kids in and make them love learning. This list will grow as we work today.

MrLosik.Blogspot.com – My Classroom Blog – Make A Flake, Lego, Zimmer Twins, Lots More



Shark Tank


Iron Chef Lesson Design

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips

Discovery Education Corporate Partnerships

Coverning Hawkeye Sports

Shooting Gallery

Genius Hour

Genius Bar

Curriculum Nest

CUE Rock Star Black Label TOSA Camp: Teaching Kids to Learn Like Pros


Here are links and resources for my Day 1 session at the CUE Rock Star Black Label TOSA Camp.

Why Wait? Teach Kids To Learn as Young Professionals and Transform any School Experience Now.

Jennifer Magiera: Power To The Pupil

Business Insider: Most Impressive High School Graduates

EdHeads.org – Design a Cell Phone

Ottawa Area ISD – Future Prep Skills 4 Success


Bentheim Elementary 5th Grade Production Company Logos

Creativity Apps




Adobe Photo Shop Color Effects
Adobe Photo Shop Mix

Pixlr Express

PegLight 2


Genius Hour: Hamilton Community Schools Genius Hour

Genius Bar in Your Classroom 



#CUERockStar Admin Camp – An Inside Look


There is #CUERockStar Teacher Camp, but what is #CUERockStar Admin Camp? Check out this great look inside as shared by camp founder Jon Corippo.

Visit cuerockstar.org for camp dates and more information.

The CUE Rock Star Admin Hero’s Journey is all about providing new, hands-on skills for administrators who desire to create a positive, disruptive process of change in their organizations. These will be three full, hard-working, challenging and rewarding days. The faculty and curriculum will deliver administrators (Assistant Principals, Principals, Curriculum Coordinators, Directors, Assistant Superintendents and Superintendents) the skills they need to lead their districts in more agile and adaptable ways.

#cuerockstar Teach Wild Resources

We had a great adventures at Rock Star Saugatuck and Rock Star MASSCUE playing “Oh Deer”, crossing the Kalamazoo River on the only operating hand-crank chain ferry in the U.S., and climbing Mt. Baldhead’s 302 steps, and digging into the Google Cultural Institute. Better yet were the great conversations we had about effectively bringing nature into your curriculum and taking kids out into it. Here are resource links.

Project Wild – Find more information on the program and link to trainings and curriculum
Project Wild and Project Aquatic materials listed on eBay.

The Nature Connection by Clare Walker Leslie

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 5.24.22 PM


Easel.ly – Great infographic maker

Canva – Create beautiful graphics to show findings.

Google Cultural Institute – Take students to museums all over the world and have them create collections of the ways animals have been portrayed in art over the years.

Trimble Sketchup – Have your students build their own Mt. Baldy steps or recreate structures you discover with them. It’s as real as math gets.

Walkmeter App

GPS Altimeter App

BirdCaller App

Leaf Snap

On top of Mt. Baldhead, all covered in S.T.E.A.M.
On top of Mt. Baldhead, all covered in S.T.E.A.M.

#cuerockstar Shoot Like a Pro

Shoot like a pro!

Screenshot 2015-08-07 15.50.59

Here are 19 different camera techniques for producing professional quality video productions with whatever device you have. Learning these or teaching them to students will greatly improve the quality of video that is produced. Once you see them, you can’t help but use them.

Watch this presentation to see examples of each. You will be asked to take each of these shots on your own and put them together in your own “Shooting Gallery”.


Download the shot sheet here.

Minarets Shooting Gallery Level One from Minarets High SchoolBelow is one of the finished products 5th Graders at Bentheim Elementary completed. Watch it to see the shots in action but make yours original.
Anti-Gravity Shooting Gallery from Andy Losik on Vimeo.More creativity resources for your projects.

Scary Mary and Shining, A Romantic Comedy show the power of Music.


What will you create?

A Whole Lot of Outdoor Learning Coming to Saugatuck

Here are my Saugatuck Rock Star sessions and 2/3 of them will be led outdoors. Day 1 is all about tricking out Apple’s Keynote, but Days 2 and 3 are about taking advantage of learning in one of Michigan’s coolest little town.

Day 1: If you can’t build it in Keynote, you don’t need it.
The antidote to torturous presentations lies in Apple’s Keynote. Now free and online to anyone with a web browser, Keynote can make presentation slides, but excels when you let your creativity run wild. It is the ultimate app smasher because what you build in Keynote can enhance just about any creative project. Build infographics, animate, create high-end layered videos, and blow stuff up in this, “Hey, howdya do that?” kind of session.

Day 2: On Top of Mt. Baldy All Covered in STEAM
Bring your athletic shoes and sense of adventure as we head down the hill and across the river to the 302 steps of Mount Baldhead. Along the way we will stop to play some Project Wild games, use the sensors built into your smart phones, and explore a fragile dune ecosystem.

Day 3: Shooting Around Town

Discover practical ways to build high end photography and video skills in you and your students as we explore the target rich environment of the Saugatuck area. Within two hours you will learn simple to lead activities and editing techniques that will boost your confidence and creative abilities.

Check out the rest of the offerings at the camp sessions page.

Register at cue.org/regrockstar.

Rock Star Saugatuck Registration Closes July 1

RS to do listMake “Sign up for Rock Star Saugatuck” the first thing you cross off of today’s to-do list.

We have room for 34 more attendees so gather up your colleagues and get registered before the July 1 deadline arrives. Consistently groups of teachers find that three days of Rock Star give them an amazing leg up on kicking off the coming school year with great ideas and energy. Check out the three days of sessions listed on the Rock Star Saugatuck page. Don’t miss this great joint venture between CUE and MACUL.

Register at cue.org/regrockstar.

How to Shred – #cuerockstar

Not many workshops, camps, or conferences offer anything like Rock Star Shred Sessions. Each morning after everybody grabs some caffeine and sugar, Rock Star faculty “sing for their suppers” previewing their sessions but more importantly giving attendees a chance to find the best fit for what they want to learn and who they want to lead them in their exploration.

How to Shred – YouTube.