Demystifying the new iMovie

Jon Corippo and I presented on Advanced iMovie techniques at the 2013 MACUL conference in Detroit. Since then, iMovie has undergone some significant changes.

A number of the old habit workflows no longer work. This was the scene at the Connected Educator Un/conference about a month ago. Several of us were completely stumped at using green screen in the newest version.

Jon recently overhauled the Advanced iMovie Techniques slide deck for the new version, demystifying all of the changes. Enjoy.

Is your Teaching an Excellent Adventure or Bogus Journey?

On April 26th I will be delivering the Un/Keynote at the Connected Educator Un/Conference in Jackson, Michigan.

I posted earlier about the hands-on session I will be leading but here is a peek at the opening address I am hammering out down in the basement.


Un-Keynote Opening: Never before in history have educators had more amazing tools to bring learning to life. Even better is that we don’t have to take this journey alone. Let’s explore ways to engage learners and find amazing traveling partners close to home and around the globe. Let’s crank up the energy and recharge as we push to make the most of every second we have left in 2014.
Come on out to Jackson in late April…unless you are just going to be hanging around a Circle K trying to figure out how to do your history report.


The Connected Educator Un/Conference: April 26th Preview

I am looking forward to April for so many reasons and one of them is the  Connected Educator Un/Conference in Jackson on April 26th.

I will be delivering the opening address (Wow, what an honor!) and then doing a session entitled “If you can’t build it in Keynote, you don’t need it.”

I sat down Wednesday with un/conference coordinator Dan Spencer to talk about the conference and what attendees can expect from the “learn by doing” session.