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How Colorado teenagers hid a massive nude sexting ring from parents and teachers – The Washington Post

Posted by Andy Losik in Big Picturedigital citizenshipSocial Media

Here is a must-read wakeup call for educators and families. Kids will probably always out-pace us in the deception race Read More

Anything you tweet can and will be used against you…

Posted by Andy Losik in digital citizenshipSocial Media

I should know better. I spend all week working with kids and technology, reminding them to watch their digital footprints. It Read More

Flocabulary and Common Sense Media team up on Digital Citizenship

Posted by Andy Losik in Curriculumdigital citizenshipSocial Media

We use at Blue Star Elementary to help develop student academic vocabulary knowledge via Marzano’s Six Steps. Kids love Read More

All of the motivation you need for a great school year

Posted by Andy Losik in Professional DevelopmentSocial Media

Whether you have been “back at it” for weeks or if you have removed all months and weeks from your Read More

Fix your grammar

Posted by Andy Losik in CurriculumfunSocial Media

From the geniuses who brought us the best tool ever for stamping out vertical video syndrome comes “Fix your grammar.” Read More

Six Pins for fostering creativity

Posted by Andy Losik in InnovationKeynoteSocial Mediavideo

Adobe launched its Creativity in Education sweepstakes today. To enter all you have to do is follow Adobe’s Education account Read More

Just one note from famous

Posted by Andy Losik in behaviorBig PictureSocial Media

We educators are just one note away from being famous…or more like infamous. I am not talking about winning The Read More

Five great Pinterest boards from five Hamilton educators

Posted by Andy Losik in PLNResourcesSocial Media

Since its inception, Fridays on Twitter have been full of tweets encouraging the following of others. Today, we’ll take #FollowFriday Read More

Michigan district halts groundbreaking 1:1 childhood obesity initiative

Posted by Andy Losik in #sneakerchatBig PictureCurriculumInnovationiPadsPLNSocial MediaUncategorized

What was initially hailed as a groundbreaking effort by the Rivermont Public School district (Mich.) to fight childhood obesity is Read More

Being a Connected Educator is my teaching life support system

Posted by Andy Losik in PLNSocial Media

I can hardly remember what teaching was like before social media. Twitter runs on my laptop all day long through Read More

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