Giving Kids Superpowers – OAISD Speech Pathologists |

Giving Kids Superpowers – OAISD Speech Pathologists

• Ottawa Area ISD Speech Pathologist Committee:

The true magic of technology is how it literally can open new worlds for so many people. Did you know that Stevie Wonder personally thanked Steve Jobs for inventing the iPhone? It made all of the knowledge on the Internet accessible to him for the first time. There are so many tools and examples of universal design in our world today that we can literally give people superpowers beyond their natural abilities.

The Good Stuff:

Mark Coppin – Idea Slam

Apple’s guide to accessibility features on many of its devices
including iPads, laptops, and desktops.
iTunes U Collection: Inclusive Design Resources for Accessibility Apps for Special Needs
Weally Wonderful Apps V.1234 Top Apps


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