10 Seconds from Infotech

Here is a quick peek at the fun we make in Infotech. First Graders were writing and drawing in KidPix about their favorite online activities and then enjoying them. This sing-along broke out in the most impromptu manner.

Sharing insight on how technology can truly impact learning

DSC09399This Spring I had the opportunity to work with the amazing Kristi Zoerhof and her first graders at Bentheim Elementary School. Through Sony’s Education Ambassador program, I was afforded the chance to develop a case study where we would see how big of an impact we could make on teaching and learning with the company’s Xperia tablet over the course of three weeks.

It was a whirlwind of an experience, but a great one. I recently completed a blog post at Sony’s EducationAmbassador.com detailing the case study, how we followed the SAMR progression, and  complete with a video that offers not only the kids’ reflections but Kristi’s as well.

A Case Study: Great Teaching And The Sony Xperia Tablet Impact First Grade Learning