75 Days of Flocabulary for Free? Yeeaaaah Boooooooy!

What time is it? Time to sign up for a 75 day free trial of  Flocabulary.

Here is something guaranteed to chase the winter blues out of your classroom. Check out full access to Flocabulary.com for the next 75 days for FREE!

Flocabulary is fabulous for building academic vocabulary in all of the core academic domains through high quality animated rap songs whose lyrics and concepts stick with kids.

Beyond the core subjects Flocab is expanding with some great coding and computer science videos as well as a life skills series featuring financial literacy and social emotional learning.

There is also no better way to cap a Friday than with the weekly “Week in Rap” and “Week in Rap Jr.” current event videos.

Get your 75 Day trial started with this code. https://www.flocabulary.com/promo/WTMC2016/

Flocabulary Offers Free 90 Day Trial

Flocabulary free trialFlocabulary is one of the tools we are using at Blue Star Elementary to engage students in boosting their academic vocabulary. It combines catchy hip hop music videos with all kinds of concepts from parts to speech to the Solar System to habits for being safe online.

The company is currently hosting a free 90 day trial for teachers. That is a great way to get through the rest of the Winter doldrums while infusing a little funk and fun into your pedagogy.

Check out the trial and then check out this sample of Flocabulary’s take on order of operations.

Flocabulary and Common Sense Media team up on Digital Citizenship

We use Flocabulary.com at Blue Star Elementary to help develop student academic vocabulary knowledge via Marzano’s Six Steps. Kids love the catchy hip hop songs and animated videos.

Here is a great one that Flocabulary produced in association with Common Sense Media to teach the top rules kids….or any of us should remember when posting to social media.

The great thing about anything Flocabulary does is that it sticks with kids. They really get it.


Thanks Flocabulary!

This year in Hamilton, building students’ academic vocabulary has been a primary focus.

Thanks to everyone at Flocabulary.com for your fabulous videos that have made learning so much fun. Here is a little remix of Double Trouble to show you just how much fun kids at Blue Star Elementary had rocking out during lunchtime.