Shaking up School Lunch: Epic Lip Sync Battle brings the Fun

Where I teach in Hamilton, Michigan, elementary teachers have an hour lunch/planning time everyday. With it come some obvious advantages for staff. Lunchtime is less rushed and everyone in the building has common planning time. Kids get longer recess. With it also has come challenges. The longer kids are in the lunchroom, the more likely they are to get restless and in trouble.

Principal Teisha Kothe has taken this problem by the horns. She has instituted all kinds of fun activities including Flocabulary videos, Trivia Tuesdays, and Talent Fridays where kids get to show off their special abilities. We kicked things up a notch last week.

Building upon a hugely successful kickoff to March is Reading Month that featured a Superintendent vs. Curriculum Director lip sync battle embedded in a Hans and Franz skit, I challenged Teisha to our own battle. Kids were glued to the action and their laughter, smiles, and excitement were priceless and on Friday we made Blue Star Elementary a place where kids definitely wanted to be. Shouldn’t that always be a goal of our schools?

Here is the full-length version of Teisha with Katy Perry’s “Roar” and me with the Kidz Bop more-elementary-appropriate version of “Uptown Funk”. Five Ways To Protect Your Sony Xperia Tablet Z Out On A Winter Adventure

The Sony Xperia tablet Z has some amazing dust and water resistant qualities, but the device isn’t invincible. With a little care, you can capture great adventure shots and insure the device has a long and productive life.

I love bundling up in a Michigan winter and spending as much time as possible outside. Whether it is sledding, snow shoeing, playing pond hockey or ice fishing I try to take advantage of the chance to break free from cabin fever and also capture some photos or video of my time outside. Here are some tips to insure your Sony Xperia tablet Z is a dependable hearty companion but don’t let the elements get to it too much.

Close your ports. Check and periodically re-check that the power, SD card, and headphone ports are securely closed. These provide the most protection against any moisture from snow or ice that might enter your devise and cause corrosion or a short circuit.

Bring a towel. Even though the “Z” is water resistent to a meter deep, bring a towel along to wipe it off when not using it. That will prevent any excess moisture or condensation from somehow sneaking into the device. It will also reduce the chance of ice forming which could be harmful to the body or screen of the tablet.

Fresh water only. If you are trekking out onto the Polar Ice, you are probably going to be bringing fancier equipment than a Sony Xperia tablet Z. Anyway, it is important to remember that the tablet is only fresh water resistant so avoiding salt water in any season is a must.

Put it in a cooler. By bringing a small cooler like an Igloo Playmate (without ice of course) you can prevent the tablet from getting too cold. Sony doesn’t really state a minimum temperature for it, but in the users’ manual it states to prevent the device from being in extreme heat or cold for prolonged periods of time. I would err on the side of caution if the Polar Vortex returns and you are tempted to go out and capture images when the temps are below zero. The little cooler also provides a dry place for the tablet to rest while you are showing off for your kids riding boogie board down the sledding hill.

Avoid impact. It is better to be the person at the bottom of the hill capturing the sledders whizzing by you than trying to get that wicked point of view shot using your tablet while barreling down the slopes yourself. Invest in Sony’s Action Cam if that is the shot you must have. The tablet can get some great shots but not designed to go hurling down any hills.

Taking advantage of this device’s great features can help you create some great captures. With a little care you can make sure it lasts many many seasons to come.

A great salute to teamwork

Thanks Brent Ashcroft, Dan Harland, Lauren Stanton, Derek Francis and WZZM for being part of our big Blue Star lip dub project. Thanks also for filing this great piece on all of the teamwork it took to put this together.