Photo Friday: No hating on the tablet shooters

Last year at ISTE a trio of us headed down to the San Antonio River Walk for a media safari.

I was “that guy” that some of you make fun of who takes vacation photos with his iPad or other tablet. What you see below are some pretty good twilight shots made with the Sony Xperia Z Android tablet. As much as I love my 3rd generation iPad, the Z made me a believer in the “other side” and I don’t think I would produce nearly the same results with my Apple device. Before you go hatin’ on “that guy” again, realize they might be on to something. Besides, there are a bundle of post-production apps that can then either enhance of take the photos to a new level of creativity.

Although my tablet has some varied photo settings, the key to these shots was stability.  For each one I found a solid surface to lean the device against. For the “Esquire” shot I employed the self timer so there wouldn’t be any wiggle in my image. Camera shake more than anything will derail your low light shooting.  The Xperia Z received a major upgrade in optics over its predecessor the Xperia S and features other fabulous Sony quality components.

sapics2 sapics sapics3

Photo Friday: High Speed Shutter

Here is a shot taken with the shutter speed set high. With enough light you can capture millisecond moments. Here the crayons appear to floating under the spell of one of my former students Lauren.

The beauty of the digital DSLR camera is that you can take shot after shot until you get it just right.

high speed shutter
high speed shutter

Photo Friday: Market Day

Here is another one from 2007. It is one of my favorite pics to use as a writing prompt because there are so many colors, the danger sign, and interactions happening in it. I took it from the shuttle bus window as my wife and I traveled from our resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic back to the airport.

Market Day

Photo Friday: Blue Skies

I can’t believe it has been seven years since I took this picture. It was one of the first pictures I really liked that I took with my new Nikon D40. It was also the first warm day to be outside shooting that spring.

After thinking the Memorial Day Parade started at 9:30 instead of 9:00 we ventured to the Blue Star Elementary playground to enjoy the great holiday weather. The blue skies had returned and launched another beautiful Michigan summer along the Lake Michigan shore.Events-316