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Turn all of the sensors in your Android devices into learning tools

Posted by Andy Losik in AndroidGCTInnovationSTEM

I recently read a great article from Matt Miller’s Ditch That Textbook blog about utilizing all of the different sensors that are Read More

Sony Education – First Grade Case Study – Xperia Tablet in Action – YouTube

Posted by Andy Losik in AndroidInnovationmobileResources

Sony’s venture into K-12 education via its Xperia tablet might have gone the way of the dodo bird but some Read More

Insanely Great Science Journals from 1:1 Android 1st Graders

Posted by Andy Losik in AndroidCurriculumInnovationmobileResources

The first graders in Kristi Zoerhof’s class at Bentheim Elementary each have their own Sony Android tablet. This spring the Read More

A view from above

Posted by Andy Losik in Resources

Check out the Earth from the International Space Station 230 miles above at a speed up to 17,000 miles per Read More

The Anatomy of a Collaborative Endeavor

Posted by Andy Losik in CurriculumPlanning

Today Melinda Bronkhorst, Brian Lancaster (both 4th grade teachers at Bentheim Elementary) and I laid out three collaborative projects in Read More

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