Movie Making MacGyver Stuff – #EdCampOAISD #MACUL16

Here are links for my EdCamp and MACUL MacGyver video making sessions

iMovie Fifth Grade Book Reports

iOS Apps
Avid Pinnacle Studio Pro
Action Movie FX
Path On – Swipe To Type


Video Story Problems
Preserving History
Caterpillar Nurse Cam
Covering Hawkeye Sports

Practical example of using the Shooting Gallery

Formative Assessment/Screencasting
ShowMe appExplainEverythingEducreations

Only you  can prevent Vertical Video Syndrome

Green Screen Effects Folder – VeeScope Live

Dave Tchozewski – Green Screen Resources

Keynote Animation Project from Linda Dong

#cuerockstar Shoot Like a Pro

Shoot like a pro!

Screenshot 2015-08-07 15.50.59

Here are 19 different camera techniques for producing professional quality video productions with whatever device you have. Learning these or teaching them to students will greatly improve the quality of video that is produced. Once you see them, you can’t help but use them.

Watch this presentation to see examples of each. You will be asked to take each of these shots on your own and put them together in your own “Shooting Gallery”.


Download the shot sheet here.

Minarets Shooting Gallery Level One from Minarets High SchoolBelow is one of the finished products 5th Graders at Bentheim Elementary completed. Watch it to see the shots in action but make yours original.
Anti-Gravity Shooting Gallery from Andy Losik on Vimeo.More creativity resources for your projects.

Scary Mary and Shining, A Romantic Comedy show the power of Music.


What will you create?

iPad Apps for Film-making | A Listly List

Here is a great post I came across today highlighting 9 apps for film-making. These are great app smashers where each one performs a certain task and those products can all be mashed into one project.

iPad Apps for Film-making

Listly by Cathy Hunt

These apps provide us with endless possibilities for innovative teaching and creativity in the classroom. Introducing apps and workflows should be a derivative of considered instructional design and pedagogies that stems from a focus on the learning.

See Cathy’s full post: iPad Apps for Film-making | A Listly List.

Taking the Shooting Gallery to the Wild Side – Jon Corippo’s new book

Studying environmental impacts and learning to think cinematically
Studying environmental impacts and learning to think cinematically

Yesterday presented a chance to work with innovative teachers and embed some technology instruction into middle school math and science investigations. Despite the 49 degree temps and constant mist, it proved to be a tremendously rewarding afternoon.

A lesson I have used for three years now is called the Shooting Gallery. It was developed by Jon Corippo as a way to lay film making foundations for students in the classroom. It is one thing to provide the opportunity for students to share learning in video form, but it is a whole other ballgame when you can give them techniques that greatly ramp up the quality of video they are producing.  That is how I use this lesson and it’s why I approached a couple of our middle school teachers who are leading an integrated math and science class that studies our local watershed.

Students in the STREAM class at Hamilton Middle School by Ted Malefyt and Nate Alkire study and then share their learning in a number of ways beyond pencil and paper. Coming up they will be presenting projects to a panel similar to the ABC show Shark Tank. We want to give these kids all of the digital tools we can so that their work impresses somebody besides their grandma.

Here is a slide deck Jon and his students built.

Download the shot sheet here so your students can track their progress as they practice these cinematic angles.
In addition to these resources you can now download Jon’s free iBook that is an expansion of this lesson. It can serve as a great digital text for giving your students more tricks and tools for making great videos.


Make the amazing by combining Discovery Education and iMovie.

Here is a step-by-step screencast for using the great footage available from Discovery Education Streaming in conjunction with the superpowers the iMovie trailer feature delivers.

In the video I demonstrate making trailers on a Mac. The same can done with an iOS device as well. The process is similar but varies slightly. One of my edtech pioneer heroes Kathy Schrock offers up this super guide.

Check out additional hints and ideas on this process as I host Discovery’s “DENvice” this week on Facebook.

Join the #MichEd movement. Share great teaching in Michigan.

Great things are happening in the classrooms across Michigan and many educators are realizing they have the tools to tell their own stories. We are no longer at the mercy of how politicians or portray us or what stories the media chooses to tell.

The #MichEd Video Challenge is aimed at collecting all of the awesomeness in one spot. Please consider sharing the great things you are doing with your students. We must tell our own stories. We are the only ones who really know how they go. Five Ways To Protect Your Sony Xperia Tablet Z Out On A Winter Adventure

The Sony Xperia tablet Z has some amazing dust and water resistant qualities, but the device isn’t invincible. With a little care, you can capture great adventure shots and insure the device has a long and productive life.

I love bundling up in a Michigan winter and spending as much time as possible outside. Whether it is sledding, snow shoeing, playing pond hockey or ice fishing I try to take advantage of the chance to break free from cabin fever and also capture some photos or video of my time outside. Here are some tips to insure your Sony Xperia tablet Z is a dependable hearty companion but don’t let the elements get to it too much.

Close your ports. Check and periodically re-check that the power, SD card, and headphone ports are securely closed. These provide the most protection against any moisture from snow or ice that might enter your devise and cause corrosion or a short circuit.

Bring a towel. Even though the “Z” is water resistent to a meter deep, bring a towel along to wipe it off when not using it. That will prevent any excess moisture or condensation from somehow sneaking into the device. It will also reduce the chance of ice forming which could be harmful to the body or screen of the tablet.

Fresh water only. If you are trekking out onto the Polar Ice, you are probably going to be bringing fancier equipment than a Sony Xperia tablet Z. Anyway, it is important to remember that the tablet is only fresh water resistant so avoiding salt water in any season is a must.

Put it in a cooler. By bringing a small cooler like an Igloo Playmate (without ice of course) you can prevent the tablet from getting too cold. Sony doesn’t really state a minimum temperature for it, but in the users’ manual it states to prevent the device from being in extreme heat or cold for prolonged periods of time. I would err on the side of caution if the Polar Vortex returns and you are tempted to go out and capture images when the temps are below zero. The little cooler also provides a dry place for the tablet to rest while you are showing off for your kids riding boogie board down the sledding hill.

Avoid impact. It is better to be the person at the bottom of the hill capturing the sledders whizzing by you than trying to get that wicked point of view shot using your tablet while barreling down the slopes yourself. Invest in Sony’s Action Cam if that is the shot you must have. The tablet can get some great shots but not designed to go hurling down any hills.

Taking advantage of this device’s great features can help you create some great captures. With a little care you can make sure it lasts many many seasons to come.

A Crash Course in Keynote for Elementary Kids

I am super excited that our school district has replaced Microsoft Office with iWork ’09 on our student laptops. As a teacher, the more simplified interface in Pages and Keynote makes teaching so much easier compared to trying to navigate the many toolbars in Office.

Here are some of my favorite techniques that make Keynote such a valuable tool. It is fabulous as a presentation maker, but the true magic comes out when we explore the layout and design capabilities as well as Keynote’s potential as a video editing application.

Here are 21 minutes of how-to instructions. Have fun with Keynote. Your only limitation is your own creativity.